How to Make Time Feel Like It Has Gone by Faster

How to Make Time Feel Like It Has Gone by Faster

Simple methods and ways to make it feel like time has gone faster.

Whether your stuck in a class you hate or you can’t wait until school gets out so you can go visit your boyfriend, there are times in class (and many other places) where you just want time to go by faster. Below are some simple ways to make time feel like it has gone by a little faster.

1. Don’t look at the clock

Have you ever heard the phrase “A watched clock never moves?” Well, its true. Or at least it feels that way. When you look at the clock, most times you start calculating how much longer until you get out or something happens. Not only will you sometimes grieve over how much longer you must wait, but it makes time feel as if it were going slower, especially if you check the clock a lot.

2. Keep yourself preoccupied

Keeping yourself busy, no matter how mundane the task may be, does make time feel as if it has gone faster. For example, I personally cannot stand my electrical engineering class. It often feels like it takes forever to get out of it, but when I begin working, even if its not required of me, the time feels as if it had gone by much faster.

3. Entertain yourself

One of the best ways to make time go by faster, is by killing the boredom that you feel while waiting. Do something you enjoy. If you have the free time and your teacher will let you, go play some games on a classroom computer or go on the Internet and read comics. Other ways of doing this include reading, drawing, writing, and in the rare chance that your teacher will let you, talking to others in the class.

4. Don’t think about what happens after your out

This may be hard to do, as you are probably very excited to get out of that one class you hate the most, but think about things other then getting out. Instead, try thinking about the “here and now,” as in focus on whats going on right now, instead of what will be happening.

There aren’t any ways that are currently possible to literally speed up time, only ways to confuse your brain into feeling that time has gone by faster. Hopefully, some of these tips will help you out when you want to get out.

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Hillbilly, posted this comment on Apr 25th, 2009

5. Smoke Weed

Some Guy, posted this comment on Apr 28th, 2009

I second that.

douche, posted this comment on May 11th, 2009

Agreed ^

uhohicrappedmypants, posted this comment on May 16th, 2009

its way more common to talk during class than to go on a classroom computer. not really a rare event since it happens it pretty much every class. do u go to military school or something?

wasttimechasingcars, posted this comment on May 28th, 2009

well all i do is look st rhe clock( doesnt work) so then i just talk or do my work which is boring but hey dont rush life it only comes once from what we know

Cebah, posted this comment on Jun 15th, 2009

Mmm O’ to be young again! When you get to my age, time goes by far too fast!! Nice article, perhaps some of my students should read it and then they would stop clock watching :)

Emma, posted this comment on Aug 12th, 2009

i just wanna now how to make school come faster! Im starting 7th grade which means i get to switch classes can some one tell me how to do that?

fadi, posted this comment on Aug 31st, 2009

You can try Yoga it makes you fell happyer so you fell time faster it also makes you smarter

Joseph, posted this comment on Nov 22nd, 2009

Lawl! What I do is stare at the clock and shake my leg and it feels like minutes have gone by by the first minute.

weed man, posted this comment on Dec 13th, 2009

weed all day bitch bitch

cal, posted this comment on Dec 20th, 2009

why would you want time to go faster i hate when my day goes by to fast

AmIBetterThanYou?Yeah!, posted this comment on Jan 26th, 2010

Well the thing about the “Do not think about what happens when you get out” is that, I may forget because I want to go out with my girl,and may forget.
And also here is a tip, make fun of your teacher, for no reason when my teacher says something, I just burst out laughing.
but DON’T do it out load, just giggle to your friends.

aj, posted this comment on Apr 1st, 2010

i agree with the first three people smokeing it up always helps

john, posted this comment on Apr 14th, 2010

Im in ISS right now and i got a new idea. Read answers about how to make time feel like its passing faster to make time pass faster.

Alyssa, posted this comment on Apr 25th, 2010

My husband is a soldier in the U.S army and he is deployed for the next year time seems to be going so slow but i dont know how to make it pass faster i miss him alot and cant seem to enjoy much i spend to much time waiting for him to e mail me or call me…any ideas other than smoking weed?

Mariah Aileen!!!!, posted this comment on May 24th, 2010

this is a eccelent way to pass the time:sit there and think what your going to do after school!!!!i do this all the time!!!!after lunch the day seems to go by faster!!!!im in love wit dejah!!!!

Daniel, posted this comment on Jun 8th, 2010

ya let me just spark up a blunt at my desk, i might let the teacher hit it too……….

michaeljackson, posted this comment on Jun 22nd, 2010

im in summer school and u can all suck my gigantic cock

School Sux BAWLS!, posted this comment on Oct 3rd, 2010

Heres a good one, put your head down and pretend your going to read a book but instead you go to slleep Hehe Haha

blahh blahh bihhh, posted this comment on Nov 9th, 2010

all yall got sum muthafuxkn issues

Jay, posted this comment on Nov 22nd, 2010

Im down with the smokin weed thing but im in ISS too itz bored as fck in here

kenny my ass., posted this comment on Dec 5th, 2010

well i can’t wait for 3 more days, and i want it to go back like that, i need somthing to do!

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